Hi All: I am selling my Alpha 900 camera body, with accessories, all can be seen in photos. Of note is that this was my camera - I am the original owner - and am selling it quite reluctantly, - I have a trip to Bali to fund, and have too many cameras. The camera works beautifully, probably the best camera I have had. (The Zeiss 24-70 is listed on this forum separately). Using SONY Alpha shutter count tool i have determined the shutter count to be only 14,483. This body is built like a tank, and is in good used condition. Of note: Some light scratches on the lcd, from using the d***n Sony Screen Protector of all things, I took it off and chucked it. The battery grip has a few scuffs, the body itself is pretty clean. No problems whatsoever. Check out the photos. There are also 3 batteries included, memory stick, 2 books, remote, etc.
Price for the whole set is: $1500 which I think is pretty fair. (I have a perfect 100% record on Ebay selling for over 10 years....., and on this forum.) thanks for looking, -Josef