This is one of the lenses that Canon ported over to their SLR range. Together with the 35mm f/2 (SOLD), the 85mm f/1.8 and the 50mm f/1.4 (SOLD), this is one of Canon's best RF lenses. This lens has a few very very fine cleaning marks on the front element and can be seen under an extremely strong light. With the naked eye, these few and tiny marks cannot be seen. The hood as a minor scruff mark as can be seen in the picture. The lens was very nice when I bought it, and I still sent the lens for a CLA to be sure.

Comes with the original hood and front cap (Canon plastic one, not the metal one as shown). Am selling as I already have the 75 Lux, 75AA, 90AA, 135 APO, etc and this in line with cutting down on the lenses that I have.

Asking for $475 for the lens, add $55 for the UV/IR filter.