Hi guys,

Looking to get a Noctilux in good condition.
I can get them back home routinely in near mint condition for $8500 USD or slightly less.. It seems slightly less then the going rate here in the states, but since I'm here, and want the lens while on vacation. I figured why not try my luck. If it doesn't pan out, no worries.

If anyone is looking to unload in the LA SF area, please let me know.


P.S. I might consider trading some of my M lenses for one, if anyone is interested in doing that..

21 SEM
28 Cron-asph
50 Lux-asph
75 Cron-asph

All in mint condition, all still under warranty (aside from the 75) and all have full boxes etc (boxes are back home, and we would have to discuss how I can get the boxes to you).