I have a Profoto Pro B4 pack, almost like new. Was purchased in January of this year. I have had it out of the studio for 2 shoots, otherwise it has been used sparingly for studio work. Its an amazing pack and does all that Profoto says it does, crazy fast 1/25000 flash duration, up to 30 frames a second. This pack appears new and has no issues what so ever. Allot of horsepower and an amazing deal. Profoto products have a 2 year warranty. Theses packs are $7895.00 new...

Profoto Pro B head plus. Excellent condition, used sparingly, both lamps work perfectly. This head works with all Pro packs and is the latest new and improved "Perfect Arc" flash tube technology. Profoto products have a 2 year warranty. Sells new for $1089.00

Pro B4 1000ws Air $6500.00
Pro B Plus Head $925.00