Complete Large and Medium Format Camera Equipment Kit to Work Commercially in Architecture, Interiors, Exteriors, Studio Sets(Furniture) and Landscape Photography.

As I've had several inquiries about selling items individually, please now see individual prices next to the kit. If you are interested in individual items or the whole kit then please get in touch. Details are at the bottom of the description. Postage, tracking & insurance are separate to prices shown and are charged to the buyer or can be collected.

Leaf Aptus 75S V Fit (33mp) plus sensor,LCD & battery protective covers and Stylus (ONLY 8615 ACTUATIONS / SHUTTERCOUNT) No: LI200474 (Sensor Condition: No Marks/ Excellent***)
Leaf Capture V.11
Leaf Aptus Installation Guide
2 x Leaf standard batteries
2 x Energizer large batteries
Fast Li-Ion Charger for Leaf AptusBatteries & 12V PSU plus plug cables for UK, Europe and USA
2 x Leaf 800 to 800 Firewire Cable 4.5m (1 unused still in bag and box)
Leaf Camera-to-Back Sync Cable Short (for Medium Format)
Leaf Camera-to-Back Sync Cable Long (for Large Format) (unused)
In Car Charger
Leaf DC to FW supply adaptor
Spare Leaf Aptus Stylus
Large White Perspex Card
Leaf Neutral Test Patch
Microweb Cleaning Cloths (15 Pack)
IR Filter & Sensor Cleaning Fluid 30ml
Plastic Tweezers (L-shape)
Leaf Suitcase For Aptus / Leaf Aptus 75S plus accessories 4,500.00 - Excellent +++

Seaport I-Visor Support Platform / 15.00 - Excellent ++
Seaport I-Visor LS Pro Mag plus I-VisorCurved Shoulder Strap and I-Visor Pro Dark Cloth / 90.00 - Excellent ++
2 x Seaport Cloth Cases (Dust Covers) / Included with above - As New

Hyper Juice MBP-222Wh with AC power supply 100-240V, UK Plug Cable, Sync Cable, In Car Charger (Worlds most advanced battery pack for Apple Mac Book Pro) At least 900+ charges left (1,000 when new). / 150.00 Excellent +++

Induro PHQ3 5-Way Pan Tripod Head / 190.00 - Excellent +++
2 x Induro AT413 8M Alloy Tripods, plus Carry Cases, Accessory/ Tool Kit & Shoulder Straps / 100.00 Each - Excellent +++
Induro ELA4 Short Aluminum Column with Mounting Plate for Low Level Work on AT413 / 18.00 - New
Spare Induro AT413 Carry Case (Unused) / 15.00 - New

Really Right Stuff BH-55 Full-Size Ball Head with B2-Pro II screw-knob clamp plus RRS Padded Pouch / 225.00 - Mint/ As New

Lowe Pro Trekker 600AW plus lap top case and accessories case / 155.00 - Excellent +++
Lowe Pro Photo Trekker AWII plus LowePro padded shoulder strap / 65.00 - Excellent ++

Cambo WDS No: C60905 plus Really Right Stuff B29 Multi-use plate with short flange and centered with 3/8-16 mounting screw in slot and Really Right Stuff MPR-73 3.8 plate. 1,200 - Excellent ++
Cambo WDS Rearframe with Hasselblad V Interface / Included with WDS body - Excellent ++
WDS-545 Schneider Apo-digitar 24xl 5.6copal 0 shutter lens plus front/ rear Schneider lens caps No:14957559 and Nikon Lens Pouch (Lens Condition: No Marks/ Excellent***) / 1,750.00 - Excellent +++
WDS-551 Schneider Apo-digitar 35xl 5.6copal 0 shutter lens plus front/ rear Schneider lens caps No: 14958324 and Nikon Lens Pouch (Lens Condition: No Marks/ Excellent***) / 1,500.00 - Excellent +++
WDS-558 Rodenstock Apo-Sironar digital 55mm 1:4.5 copal 0 shutter lens plus front/rear Rodenstock lens caps No: 11792716 and Nikon Lens Pouch (Lens Condition: No Marks/ Excellent***) / 1,250.00 - Excellent +++
WDS-580 Cambo WDS Viewfinder plus WDS-582 Viewfinder Extension / 175.00 - Excellent +++
Cambo WDS Masks for Viewfinder 24xl, 35xl and 55mm / 20.00 Each - Excellent ++
Lowepro case for Viewfinder and Sandisk case for masks / 15.00 - Excellent +++
Vertical and Horizontal Spirit Level plus case / 5.00 - Mint
Schneider Center-Filter IID 4X Multi Coating for 24xl plus Schneider front/ rear lens caps and case / 75.00 - Excellent +++
Schneider Center-Filter IIF 4X Multi Coating for 35xl plus Schneider front/ rear lens caps and case / 75.00 - Excellent +++
3 x Really Right Stuff Neoprene Pouches. (1x large and 2 x small) / 20.00 - Excellent +++
Hasselblad Groundglass SWC Focus Screen 41050 for V fit back plus case - 175.00 - As new
5 x Loupe High Quality Japan plus eye piececover, neck strap & dark/ clear base + Tamrac Case / 25.00 - Mint
BW 67mm KSM Colour-Polarisor MRC plus case(For 55mm) / 65.00 - Mint
BW 52mm KSM Colour-Polarisor MRC plus case(For 24xl & 35xl) / 50.00 - Mint
ExpoDisc 67mm Natural White Balance pluscase & neck strap / 55.00 - Excellent ++
Sekonic Flash Master L-358 plus accessories, neck strap, batteries, instructions and case / 175.00 - Excellent +++
Sekonic NP Finder No1 JM20-101550 for L-358plus case / 75.00 - Excellent ++
4 x Sandisk Extreme IV 4GB Compact Flash Cards (45MB/s UDMA) / 15.00 Each - Excellent +++
1 x Sandisk Extreme 32GB Compact Flash Card (60MB/s UDMA) / 50.00 - Excellent +++
Nikon HN-3 screw-in lens hood for 35xl plus case / 10.00 - Mint
Various Hex Keys, small screws and bolts plus case / 2.50 - Mint
Leica Disto D5 plus case and instruction manual / 250.00 - Mint
Sunrise/ Sunset Compass & case / 15.00 - As New
2 x Expo Imaging Focus Zone Dial expo-aperture/ depth of field guide (Telephoto Metric & Standard Metric) 25.00 - Mint
Spare AA Batteries / New
Hama Lens Pen / Mint
Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Fluid + Carl ZeissMicro Fibre Cloth / New
Large 18% Grey Card / Excellent ++
I.D. Card Holder with neck strap & clip / Excellent +++
2 x Sigma Micro Fiber Lens Cloths 31 x 31 / Very Good
4 x Wiha Pico Finish 261P Positive Screw Drivers / Excellent +++
Giottos Rocket Blower / Excellent +++
Circular Silver Light Reflector (18 inch diameter) / Excellent ++
High Vis-Jacket

[New price for whole kit would be 32,750]

Any inspection welcome as you will not be disappointed with the condition of this kit or quality and clarity of images this equipment produces.

Postage/ tracking & insurance can be arranged for the buyer at their expense.

If you would like to discuss further you can call me on M: 07876 564808 or T: 020 7993 5587 or email your questions direct E: [email protected]