Who I am: I am newer here, but I have been a member or APUG, RFF, FREDMIRANDA, etc... I have Bought quite a few things on RFF, Also I am the designer of the new RFF soft release commemorating their 10th anniversary. I just sold my leica APO 70-180 2.8 Elmarit-R on GetDpi with a smooth sale, buyer is very very happy! - I have the same username "Jimithing616" on all the sites, and its a name I dont want to tarnish, I would rather lose money than my reputation honestly. I also have 100+ Feedback in just the last year on ebay as a seller. I have only been shooting for about 2 years.

OK... On to the Lens...

This is the legendary DC lens.... The Nikon 135mm F/2 DC (DeFocus Control)

Probably the Best portrait Lens ever made!

This lens is in GREAT shape. Barely a mark on it to show that its been used!!

Glass is IMMACULATE. Just the tinniest amount of microscopic dust, maybe 5 pieces honestly. there is barely any. The lens had a Full CLA about a year ago, not because it needed one, but because the previous owner, a pro, was extremely careful and honestly somewhat anal with his gear!

Previous owner is a friend and I have bought A LOT of lenses from him including the above mentioned Leica R APO 70-180mm 2.8 Elmarit that I just recently sold to a longtime GETDPI member last week!! This lens is no different. It was always treated with the utmost respect and kept in what is knows as a "Dry Box" when he had it, and now its in mine.

No Fungus, No Haze, No Separation, No Scratches.

Just the Tiniest Amount of Dust. Probably Less than most lenses!

Auto Focus is smooth, accurate and quiet.

Aperture Blades clean and snappy. Aperture ring clicks nicely and moves freely with the correct amount of feedback.

Focus ring also have appropriate amount of feedback, not loose or tight.

Files that come out of this are AMAZING! Since I bought it I have been basically begging friends and family to do portraits just to use this lens! I am like a kid in a candy store. There aren't many lenses I get excited about anymore, but this is one of them! It makes you want to go out and shoot because you get results that just aren't possibly with most lenses!

If you have never owned a Nikon DC lens, you are truly missing out! Everyone should have one!

Comes with original Nikon caps

My price:

$1000 Net to me. Just had a CLA!

Willing to entertain trades for Leica M/LTM bodies & Lenses (any maker), Contax G, things of that nature... Prefer Money.