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Thread: New Aptus 75s Kit with Mamiya 645AFD-II plus more

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    New Aptus 75s Kit with Mamiya 645AFD-II plus more

    Here's the List of what's included:

    1) Leaf Aptus 75s w/Mamiya mount ... brand new, factory fresh (this is not an altered or upgraded Aptus 75), Just enough actuations on it to make sure it all works perfectly. Leaf will swap the mount to any supported camera for $2,100., includes Leaf Aptus case, two battery chargers and two batteries.

    Info: 33 meg, 48X36 645 sensor. ISO 50 to 800 (good 800). Firewire 800 interface. Touch screen LCD. Very fast capture compared to previous Aptus 75. File format also directly supported by Lightroom and PSCS2&3, Latest Leaf Capture 11 and Leaf DNG converter also available on Leaf site.

    I am looking for the documentation on my previous 75 which was a 3 year "Hot Swap" ... which is suppose to transfer to this back, and is good until Spring of 2009.

    2) LEE filters LCD bellows shade. ($250.) Not junk, the real deal. Allows viewing even in bright sun.

    3) Two brand new 6' GGI Ultra Gold FW800 cords, and Kramer Tools Firewire 800 Repeater hub (for tethered shooting).

    4) Mint Mamiya 645AFD-II complete kit w/80/2.8 including never used film back. (A few other select Mamiya AF lenses available separately ... including a 210AF APO, 150/3.5AF, 55/2.8AF as well as manual focus 200/2.8APO, 500 mirror and a 24mm fisheye).

    Includes 645AF flip magnifier FD402, and second focusing screen with microprism for manual focusing (still does AF).

    5) Hasselblad V to Mamiya 645 adapter. Allows use of any C,CF,CFi,CFE, F or FE Zeiss lens on the M645 with stop-down metering and shooting. Mamiya AF provides in-viewfinder focus confirmation of manual focus lenses. Adapter also allows use of Hasselblad T/S adapter and Bellows.

    6) Optional Aptus to RZ Pro-II adapter and etched 6X7 screen. (available at $390. ... 1/2price)

    TOTAL PRICE for above not including packing, shipping and insurance:


    Current Calumet price for Aptus 75s alone is $33,000. There is a "buy it now" Aptus 75s back only on e-bay for $25,000.

    I can sell at this price because I was able to make good deals as I upgraded from a 22 meg to a 33 meg ... and then to the 75s just recently.

    Pics of whole set, and some images of the 645 with Zeiss optics mounted ( Zeiss lenses not included : -)

    Thanks for looking.
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