Selling several Minolta lens and a Zeiss Distagon 28mm f2.8mm converted to Sony/Minolta A mount. I've sold quite a few top quality lenses here, including L280/4 apo, Leica 19mm VII, Zeiss N 24-85 converted to Canon, etc. etc. I'd like to offer the lenses at good prices without the need to detail each's condition, etc., by offering a full 7-day money back offer. The Minolta lenses include the 35mm f2.0, and Minolta 200mm 2.8 apo with the 1.4x teleconverter II. Also have a 20mm Minolta 2.8 and Zeiss Distagon 28mm f2.8 converted with the mount from Spain. Will be selling other Sony/Minolta lenses in the future as well, including a Minolta 28-135mm, possibly a 70-300mm Sony G, and other items. Retired now and building a 4/3's kit. Also will be selling Canon gear, including a 400mm f5.6, 70-300mm IS DO zoom and other items. (All of this to judge any responses, thank you!)

Firm prices for the lenses offered for sale:

Zeiss Distagon 28mm 2.8 CONVERTED TO "A" MOUNT. $275
Minolta 35mm f2.0. $675
Minolta 200mm f2.8 apo. $875
Minolta 1.4x II teleconverter. @265
Minolta 20mm f2.8. $325
(All prices include USPS shipping CONUS ONLY).

JPEGS not very detailed, no spotting/clone tool -- I wouldn't make it as a small product photographer! Will answer all questions but hope the 7 day money back offer and some forum member's experiences with my sales in the past will help.

Thank you,