I bought this lens from the Buy and Sell a while back, used it for some test shots, and soon acquired an older Nikkor 8.5cm lens. I paid $200 and will sell for $140 shipped within the continental US. Below is the ad from the seller I bought from. PM me for photos if interested.


"Steinheil 85mm f/2.8 LTM Culminar Leica Screw Mount Lens!

Cosmetics: This lens is a shooter. The Barrel shows moderate signs of use, nothing major, no dents, just some wear and tear. I would rate its cosmetics at VG+ to EX- somewhere in there, See photo's and judge for yourself!

Mechanical: The glass is VG+ The front element has some tiny tiny little marks on it, they aren't scratches, and they don't penetrate the coating, its almost like they are part of the coating. Definitely doesn't effect the image quality though. Internally there is some dust, maybe some light haze. Nothing that effects Image Quality.

Included: Steinheil 85/2.8 Lens. No caps.