A converted Polaroid 110A-100A with a Nikon based lens holder system

Comes with 4 lenses and one spar holder so you can mount your own lens, but no bigger than a Copal 0 shutter!

Comes with the foloving lenses:

90mm 6.8 Schneider Angulon in Synchro Compur

127 mm, 4.7 Rodenstock, original lens, works with range finder.

150 mm, 5,6 Caltar pro i Copal 0

A pin hole lens in a Copal 0 shutter

One spare lens adapter.

With a graflock back system, so it can handle everything a Sinar F/P 4x5 can handle.

Included is a kit of 3 close up lenses, a ND-filter and a measurement scale, all Polaroid original.

If interested, a buyer of this kit can buy two, as new, in boxes, Horseman 4x5 Roll film holder type 451 6x9 and type 452 6x7 for total sum of 150.

I have even used my digital back with a panoramic adapter on this camera!

A perfect portable kit for 120 film and 4x5!


I swallow the PayPal fee and you the cost fore shipping!