I am giving away an Eversmart Jazz+ scanner. It is operational and I have made many good scans with it. It does have the occasional streak or faint line that can be fixed in photoshop. I have all the software and calibration strips. The computer I was running it off of died recently, whoever takes the scanner is welcome to take it too. It just refused to turn on one day and I havent bothered to figure out why.

The scanner is in my apartment in Brooklyn (prospect heights), on the third floor of a brownstone. The only catch is that if you want it you have to be able to carry it down the stairs. The scanner weighs about 150lbs and is fairly large. I got it up the stairs initially with my brother, but it is at minimum, a 2 person job. So if you want the scanner, make sure to bring two people who can lift it.

I am moving to new mexico and I cannot take it with me. I need it out of the apartment by Tuesday, September 2nd.