Selling a Leaf Valeo 6 digital back kit which includes the digital back, the portability kit, batteries, charger, all cables, all connections, documentation, and software (Capture 8.2.2), also included is a Compaq Ipaq portable handheld device for checking images in the field. The digital back is in excellent condition, with a nice pristine sensor. The portability kit holds 2 batteries for portable power and also has inside it a 5gb drive that captures the files until later when ready for download. The unit is tested and working well with the portability kit. The portability kit includes an optional tripod mount which lets the whole thing attach very securely to a tripod. This can be removed for maximum portability. do not know how or if it works in tethered mode because I do not currently have a computer for hook up to it. I have to assume since it works in portable it should work in tethered, but you may need to figure it out, it does have all cables for tethered. The kit was used with an Apple G4 laptop and that is what I would recommend, that you buy a dedicated G4 ($30-$50 on ebay, c'mon) The kit does not come with camera or lens. This fits on a Mamiya 645 AFD, AFDII and AFDIII. I do not know if it can be adapted to other medium format cameras. The sensor is the size of a 35mm full frame and has 6mp, which, I have read, is the same Image Quality as a DSLR with 10mp, I don't know the reason for this, but the pixel size is 11.4 microns compared to DSLR's 4-6 microns, big light pots!

Considering all the gear included, ready to go, with digital back, portability kit, new batteries, Ipaq device, etc, etc. the price is very reasonable. You can get into the realm of medium format digital for little investment. Medium format looks completely different than DSLR, much more presence and 3D rendering, IMO.

Price is $650.00 shipped in USA. I prefer no returns on this set. IT WORKS, but you may need to clean a contact or push a connector in all the way. Buyer needs to put some effort into getting things working. (Can you tell it was sold before?) This was $12,000.00 when new, 10 years ago, so a great deal but there are connections to be made and software to be loaded, it's not Iphone easy. Note, this kit is made to fit the Mamiya 645 AFD, AFDII and AFDIII, camera body and lens are not included.