Since I own too many systems I have decided to sell my mint Pentax K gear.

Pentax K3, I have never really used this camera, its still like new. 780 Euro
Pentax K5IIs + 18-135mm WR, mint, maybe 2-3k images (probably less), 980 Euro
15mm HD DA 15mm f4.0 Lim. used maybe 5 times, 400 Euro
21mm DA 21mm Lim., mint, 300 Euro
20-40mm Lim., mint, 620 Euro
31mm/1.8 Lim., mint, 850 Euro
50-135mm, AF motor replaced and completely checked by Pentax in spring 2014, 690 Euro

The K5IIs, K3, 20-40,21mm and 31mm have all been purchased at Photo BesierOehling, Germany.

5% discount if someone buys 2 items or more at the same time.
Kinds Regards, Tom