- Canon rangefinder lens 35 f2 LTM, m39 (leica screw mount)
Small (like 2.5cm tall) and nice lens in a nice condition. No haze/fungus/dust. Some oil on blades, non critical at all. Smooth focus and aperture rings.
Comes with original caps and either m39-Leica M or m39-Sony E adapter (tell me which one)

300EUR or 375USD, plus 3% if you paypal

Here is how it looks

And here is how it looks on Sony A7 camera

I have sold many items here and also am operating at Ebay under "juliche" username and have a hundred of + feedbacks so you can just write me there to check this is me.

Items are located in Russia and I ship worldwide no problem. Shipping would cost from $25 I guess depending on the post. Customs value can be lowered if needed.
As for payments, I accept Paypal and Moneybookers and wire trasnfer within EU and the US.

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.