Hey Everyone. I'm leaving France to get back to America and test my luck in Los Angeles.

Got a couple big items for sale that aren't worth taking back with me.

All prices are OBO. It has been a VERY long time since I've sold anything. If any of my prices are not correct, please show me another item of similar condition that has sold for less and I will adjust accordingly. I can take some iPhone pics, or if absolutely necessary I can pull out the alpa and take some quality pics. But I have no dslr with me at the moment.

All items located in South of France.

Profoto B2 - used but in perfect working condition. Comes with charger and 2 batteries. Both hold good charge.
Price: 1950 USD + shipping

Eizo Color Edge CG211 with hood - not the newest Eizo, but has great, accurate colors and served me very well the last couple years.
Price: 200 USD + shipping

2 Manfrotto Avenger Lightstands - Very sturdy older lightstands. Been my workhorses for the whole time I have been in France
Price: 90 USD + shipping

Manfroto Giraffe 420B - paid 220 euros - in 9/10 condition
PROPHOT - Manfrotto Pied Girafe Noir (420B)
Price: 150 USD + shipping

Manfrotto Background Stand Kit 1314B - paid 306 euros - Excellent Condition 8.5/10
PROPHOT - Manfrotto kit de support de fond
Price: 230 USD + Shipping

I also got some random profit stuff. Bunch of zoom reflectors (not new ones that hold grid) barn doors, etc. Just ask

Last but not least, I have a Alpa Rodenstock 32HR that I may be willing to sell to help pay for the first couple months of studio in LA. Maybe trade for a similar schneider plus cash.