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Thread: for sale : phase one mount P45+ mint 399 actuations ! demo PRICE 8000

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    for sale : phase one mount P45+ mint 399 actuations ! demo PRICE 8000

    Hello Everyone

    the back is still for sale, ( luminous landscape forum ) i really don't use it, only shoot films and don't use the back .

    Proof 399 actuations now so i just did a test recently with a 35mm lens in Paris price reduced

    8000 euros fed ex shipping included worldwide, I can help for taxes on buyer’s will, i often buy oversea Payment bank wire, you can choose paypal if you pay the fees 3% .

    very low shots, most p45+ for sale now have at best 5000/7000 actuations and cost more, mint condition and works flawlessly . it's not so common on used market, reason of the price .

    the p45+ is for landscape photography MAINLY, because you can have 1h exposure ( i won't go into details because a lot has been said about this ), still life, food photography, it's a good back for those who do commercial photography, HIGH volume in studio, the back is bulletproof like all the P+ serie
    you can shoot also portraits it depends on people works Crop factor is 1,1 so almost none .

    a lot has been said and documented on this back, it costs far less that the new iq260, not the same sensor agree on that, but at an affordable price to start medium format for people who needs long exposure especially for work, otherwise there is the pentax system at an entry level , different use again, or hasselblad H system

    i like phase one because it's an open platform, now people can disagree i have already shoot h system = great too

    mamiya 645 afd and phase one mount, not hasselblad mount
    ( the rz adapter plate on the picture is not for sale and not included )
    the back can be mounted on a Alpa chamber with an adapter, i put this back on a sinar 4x5 chamber with the flexadapter phase one, nice for landscape, heavy, but faster than 4x5 sheets to load etc etc etc . Different use again , it depends on people

    the pics are just to show that the back works fine as new ( it's low res jpeg )

    last thing, i got this back because i wanted to shoot orphanages, but the project has been delayed and had other projects on the side as well
    and one cannot do everything at the same time, so it's time to let it go, even if i like it a lot, black and white images i got out of it were nice

    thank you


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    Re: for sale : phase one mount P45+ mint 399 actuations ! demo PRICE 8000

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