I have only owned this for a few weeks and have decided to go for the m240. The camera is clean and in excellent shape and functions perfectly. Focus is spot on with my 50mm Summilux ASPH. It has only a couple of rub marks here or there. I tried to capture them in the pictures as best as possible.The LCD screen has some swirlies on it (can't see them when it's on) so I added a Giottos screen protector thinking it would mask it some but you can still see them when the LCD is off. A soft screen protector would do much better I would think. I rate it 8+ conservatively but any cosmetic imperfections do not detract from the looks of this camera. It comes with two Leica brand batteries, one is brand new (December of this year) and the other came with the camera. The older one charges up to 80%. I didn't try to refresh it so it may be able to hold 100% with a refresh. Even at 80% it lasts plenty. I am also including a black Luigi case. You get what you pay for with these for sure. It comes with the box and manual and cables and charger. The previous owner said it had all the accessories but I just noticed the neck strap is missing (had my own so didn't really notice). It is also missing the car charger adapter. Not sure if software should be there but that can be downloaded if needed (so much for all accessories!!). The camera has 9,902 shots on it so very young! I don't want to split these up so package deal only. $3,000 pp. The value of the Luigi and extra battery really make the net price of the camera ridiculously low. Gift shipping is on me if shipped in the US. pm or email: [email protected]