I have an A7s I acquired at a local private auction. We've had all our Sony Stores go into closure here so I assume this is where this particular one came from, not that it matters, I guess.

All I have is what you see in the pictures posted.
The A7s, The zeiss 35mm with the hood and cap, the strap. All mint and mark free 10/10
The only other thing included not pictured is the charger and one battery.
Nothing more. No boxes, or manuals. I'm not one to hold on to such things any longer anyways unless it is more of a retro item personally but to each their own.

A7s Camera with 35mm Zeiss
$2350. Paypal Gift
Includes all shipping and insurance in the USA or CANADA.
You will have NO DUTY or TAX fees. I will ship in the USA for any USA buyer, and in Canada for any Canadian buyer. ( I travel )
Shipping within 48hrs of payment.

A7s with 35mm Zeiss and Nokton
- I will include a very shoddy FE adapter for the Nokton so you can use it until you get one if you lack one. A cheap one is $15 on ebay. I had a good one. But it is put away in a place I cannot get to right now. The current one is wobbly and has light bleed.

A7s with 50mm 1,5 Nokton and the crappy adapter to tie you over.

I have some feedback posted here and other places if you need it.
I have bought and sold m Camera's here and M lenses.