I need a Sony 55mm f1.8 Zeiss for work.

I have cash waiting, and I can also trade as I also have two nice condition Abramsson Rapid Winders. One is a relatively rare chrome mk1 and the other is a Leica MP Gloss piano black mk2. I used the chrome one and rarely used the black one. Last time I saw them for sale they were worth about between $250 and $350. I will trade based on them both being worth $500+/- I have pictures if anyone wants to see.

I also have a really clean Voigtlander Double Shoe adapter for the M. Those things generate serious money.

I also have a now rare as hens teeth Fotoman rangefinder in imperial, with the original box.

Im not very regular on forums anymore but I have a good rep on e ab y as irq506 and I have a large legacy on flickr as devtank.

Even if you dont want to trade, I still need that lens.