Seitz Roundshot - D3 set with calibrated Mamiya Fisheye 24mm and more!
Some wear and tear. But mechanics and electronics 100%. With updated D3 imagesensor. Little exposures!
Used condition but mechanics and electronics 100%

D3 motor
D3 digital back
D3 body
optical bench
NiMh 12V 4.5A battery
Mamiya 645 adapter
Compendium for 24mm lens
calibration parts for 24mm lens
Mamiya 4.0/24mm calibrated
Mamiya 3.5/35 mm
Mamiya 2.8/55 mm
Mamiya 3.5/150mm

History known and only occasionally used for backplates / HDR / CGI images

Price new: more than 35.000 euro ex. VAT
Selling for 18.500 euro ex. VAT or make offer!

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