For Sale: large format lenses and cameras

A professional photographer friend of mine is selling off his large format gear. It's located in Europe, his contact info is below. I've bought from him before and can vouch for his trustworthiness. Feel free to contact him directly, or I can be an intermediary if need be, as I am listing this on his behalf. Everything is in nice shape, the Sinar E system is fully functional, and a rare item. The rare Cambo TWR system is as complete as they come, also.

Contact: Pieter Ouddeken [email protected]

Photos here: Index of /lens/pieter

Tele Xenar 360mm in barrel: $250

Wollensak Enlarging Raptar 210mm: $100

Schneider Super Angulon 75mm, in Sinar DB board: $250

Cambo 5x7 - 4x5 reduction back & standard (missing actual 4x5 back piece): $175

apo ronar 240mm in barrel: $100

Sinar E system: $4700, includes extra electronic standard. (Apo Sironar S lens in pictures not included)

Cambo TWR system. Including Body, 150mm, 210mm, and 270mm lenses on boards, with included cams, 2 viewers, grips for handheld use and for tripod plates.
Comes in a big orange waterproof trunk (pelican case style). $4500

Thanks for the bandwidth and interest!