For Sale: Selling Leica Vario-Elmar-S 1:3.5-5.6/30-90mm ASPH…..very limited use….in excellent condition with everything that came as new….even though it is a zoom, images from wide to near telephoto are exceptional….$7900 plus fees (paypal) and shipping. Images of lens and references on request.

There is recent discussion of this lens in the Leica forum. The comments cover all the opinions from recent users. From my limited use, I found it consistent with the other S lens for exceptional images in available light/landscape work. I could not find fault with it. I also use the S 180, 120, 70, and Hasselblad 100/2.2 and the 28/4.

My work is mostly with Profoto B1 lighting now, and the central shutter lenses are critical. That is the reason for selling now.