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I have for sale a gorgeous and rare 98.5% ’museum-quality’ Rolleiflex 2.8F "Whiteface" 12/24 (takes 120 or 220 film) with the 80mm F/2.8 Planar Lens complete with Caps, and the original manual. I will include a mint Rollei Bay III metal shade ($150.00 value) with the leather shade case.

The serial number for the camera is: 247xxxx. This camera is virtually flawless. Only a couple of very tiny bright marks on the lower lens bayonet from mounting a shade, but I'm being very picky.

Best of all, it just had a full CLA (a few weeks ago on 7/31/15) by Krimar Photo. The lenses, shutter, transport, meter, self-timer focus, everything has been completely cleaned, lubed checked and/or adjusted back to the original factory specifications. The camera is now ready to go for another lifetime! Every Rolleiflex, no matter how pretty or much it's been used, needs some sort of CLA or overhaul, trust me.

I have been using and collecting Rolleiflex TLRs for years, and I've yet to find one this nice. This is the nicest one from my personal collection. Just look at the photos!

I hate to sell it, but I have just one too many of these, so one must go. It will be a very, very, long time before you find a Rolleiflex 2.8F "Whiteface" in this condition. Certainly not one with a recent CLA .

Asking: $2950.00 (net to me or PayPal 3%), shipped USPS ExpressMail within the USA.

**Camera will be double-boxed and packed EXTREMELY-WELL**