Bought in used like new condition from Adorama in Jan 2015 for $1589. I also bought and registered a Mack U233 warranty which covers parts and labor (no accidental damage coverage) for 2 years for $79. If the Mack warranty is not transferable, I'll be around to help the buyer with any warranty issues - see my feedback on FredMiranda and pictures on my listing over there at FS: Sony A7II Body and Mack 2 yr warranty - $1175 - FM Forums. Shutter count as of today is 8054. Quite excellent condition with exception of the rear LCD which has a scratch and some delamination (I assume that is what it is) at the edge of the LCD. No big deal to me since it didn't intrude on the actual image / display area. Perhaps it would be covered by the Mack warranty - I've no idea.

Comes with box (Adorama shipped it in a kit box but of course no 28-70 lens came with it) and included accessories (shoulder strap, Sony battery, Sony charger, but was missing USB cable).

The sensor has some spots which you can see stopped down to f/16 or f/22. They didn't come out with a rocket blower, but if you'd like, I'll include two Photographic Solutions #3 sensor swabs which you can use if you wish.

You can see a little residue from the gaffers tape I had applied over a bunch of the body to improve grip. I'll try to remove it all before shipping it out.

I really like the A7II and an amazing camera for the money. I'm selling as I just bought an A7RII so time to sell it.

Price includes Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS.