The M3 is a single stroke version with over 1 million serial number. It was fully overhauled by Sherry Krauter at the Golden Touch this March. The invoice will be provided to prove. The mechanically condition is simply perfect: Bright viewfinder, contrasty rangefinder patch, and extremely smooth to use. As for cosmetics, it is in mint condition, as you can see from the picture. The only bad thing is the engravings at the bottom plate by one of the previous owner of the camera, who thought he would keep this camera forever. The body cap and the overhaul invoice will be included. Asking for 1600 Singapore dollars or 1150 USD net to me. Please notice that the strap is not included in the sale.

The Summaron is an extremely late copy with new Leica purple coating. The barrel is in mint condition. Unfortunately haze can be observed in the lens, which you can see from one of the pictures. There is a very small coating mark on the rear element that I cannot take a picture to show it clearly. And please expect some dust particles in the lens as it is 40+ years old. A silver Leica UVa filter, Leica front cap and generic rear cap will be included. Asking for 800 Singapore dollar or 570 USD.

If you'd like to take both of them, I can let them go at 2300 SGD or 1630 USD.

Pictures can be found here: