Contax 645 #1:

Recently bought this from the original owner.

I shot a few rolls with this camera and it works very well.

Comes with:
contax 645 body, prism, 80mm f2 carl zeiss lens, mfb-1 film back, mfb-1a 120/220 insert, lens hood, polaroid back, grip, camera strap.

Before I decided to sell this camera, I ordered a Bill Maxwell screen (hi-lux enhance matte - one of the brightest screens available for this sytem; bought it directly from Bill). It will be coming in Thursday or Friday this week and will be included with this sale. I just dropped $341 for it.

Cosmetically it's extremely good for this camera, easily 9+.


Price includes paypal and shipping.

Contax 645 #2

This is another Contax 645, but only body, prism, and mfb-1 film back and the mfb-1a 120/220 insert.

Cosmetically it's a 9+, a few more small scuffs compared to the contax above.


Price includes paypal and shipping.

I'm on fm and my listing is there too.