Hey everyone, I'm selling my Hasselblad H1 and the corresponding P25 H101 back; they are both in excellent cosmetic condition. The body is practically new with less than 1k actuations and although the back has almost 45k, there are no mechanical systems that are subject to wear. See the attached images and let me know if you have any questions.

This is what is included in this listing:

  • Hasselblad H1 Body with 965 actuations.
  • HV-90x eye level viewfinder.
  • 9.6V 750mAh battery grip.
  • CR123A battery powered backup grip.
  • Hasselblad BC-H battery charger.
  • Original Hasselblad H1 Manual.
  • Phase One P25 H101 Digital Back with 44693 exposures and cover plate.
  • 2 x BP-915 2300mAh batteries for Phase One P Series digital backs.
  • Hahnel dual charger for Phase One batteries.
  • Soft case for the digital back.

I'm asking for $4250 with free expedited shipping within the US and PayPal fees included.

Test image with this exact same setup:

100% magnification of the previous shot, to assess sharpness and DoF: