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Thread: WTB: 6x9 Graflok sliding back for mamiya / phase mount

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    WTB: 6x9 Graflok sliding back for mamiya / phase mount

    Kapture group is pretty much out of business..

    I am looking for 6x9 graflok back with mamiya adapter.
    Found some knock offs from China under the title "movable back" -- has anyone had experience with theses?

    Also (newbie question) - would I be right or wrong to assume 6x9 graflok is standard?
    IE a sliding adapter listed as "for Linhof 6x9" will fit on my Toyo 6x9 graflok type back?

    thanks all
    Eric Korenman

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    Re: WTB: 6x9 Graflok sliding back for mamiya / phase mount

    If you are looking for literally a new Toyo sliding back adapter then I have one. I bought it a few years ago new from Toyo but in the end never used it as I just shot 4x5 film with my Toyo AII.

    I will look it up - it's the one with GG and sliding mamiya mount and definitely fits Toyo and I would assume any other similar graflock camera.

    PM if interested.

    btw, just checked, it's this one:
    Toyo-View 180-719 Universal Graflok Sliding Back Adapter 180-71
    I have an RB film back for it here too.
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