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Thread: Alpa TC / 47mm lens / viewfinder / hand grip / m mount

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    Alpa TC / 47mm lens / viewfinder / hand grip / m mount

    This is with a great deal of sadness. It's house or camera gear. House won. Once I have brought the house I'll be buying similar or the same kit as it is the best system I've ever worked with.

    All items have been owned since new. Everything is in very good condition and either brought from Linda at linhofstudio or Paul slotboom from his shop in Seattle.

    What's for sale?

    Alpa TC: 1,100
    Alpa Viewfinder with 47mm mask (has a small crack at the bottom of the mask): 800
    Schneider 47mm f/5.6 digitar lens: 2,200 (incl rodie filter)
    Alpa handgrip (walnut): 400
    Alpa M-mount (with shim kit): 700

    All items come in their original boxes.

    The kit was used with a phase one p40+ back which is also available via separate negotiation if the buyer is interested.

    As I have said, I'm very sad to see this kit go. It has served me wonderfully well over the last few years and is in really great condition. Overall the kit is about half what you would pay if you purchased new.

    The kit is available to view in London, U.K. I'll only sell to someone who has been active on the forum as it's the best way to avoid chancers!



    Viewfinder 1
    Viewfinder 2
    Viewfinder 3
    Viewfinder 4
    Viewfinder 5

    Shim Kit:

    Shim 1
    Shim 2
    Shim 3
    Shim 4
    Shim 5
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