Minolta AF Sony Alpha fit Tokina 28-70mm f2.8 AT-X pro early model. In good condition glass clear and without scratches, cracks or fungus. Works fine on my Sony A900 but I'm staying with the Minolta 28-135 for this niche. Comes with UV filter and rear cap
$300 + PP and Ship

Minolta AF Sony Alpha fit Minolta 70--210 f4 BEERCAN! Not a pristine copy and priced accordingly. Again it works fine on my A900 but I'm going to keep the 100-200 because of its weight. Comes with a Minolta 5000i camera which powers up and takes pics. No caps or shade.
$170 +PP and Ship

Kiron 105mm macro, a classic still highly sought after and selling regularly on Ebay in the $300 range. This sample is an olympus fit but the olympus flange is missing and it is ready for the flange of your choice. The aperture setting ring has no detents but still controls the aperture fine. It probably can be fixed with an appropriate sprint and bearing. Glass is excellent with no scratches, cracks or fungus.
$175 + PP and Ship

Schneider Xenotar 80mm f2.8 in an aperture only mount probably to be used as an enlarger lens or in some other fixed focus or rack focus application. Good glass, some dust no fungus or scratches. The lens is coated but not like modern lenses. Serial # 9733721. Xenotars are the Schneider version of Zeiss Planars and every bit as sharp, even sharper according to some.
$150 +PP and Ship

Schneider Xenotar 100mm f2.8 in a synchro compur shutter. Shutter is old. Timing seems correctly proportioned but can't say how close the speeds really are. When cocking the shutter it doesn't always catch right away to stay cocked. Aperture and shutter blades are both clean and free of oil. Lens is coated and glass is clean and clear of fungus. There are probably cleaning marks on any lens this old but the glass is in good shape. Serial 8287506
$170 + PP and ship

Minette Panorama Adjuster rotator with a 3/8" tripod mount and a 1/4" camera screw. Turns reliably and locks down securely. Movement is a little rough. Includes a 3/8 to 1/4 adapter.
$25 +PP and ship

Generic Flash bracket with two flash shoes. Rubber mounting cushion on bottom of bracket where camera mounts has been partially cut away. Made of lightweight alloy.
$3 +shipping

Acratech lightweight leveler. This is an ingenious little leveler and probably 1/2 or less the weight of other levelers. Typical high quality acratech device. Sells new for $159. This one is in excellent condition.
$120 + PP and Ship.

Hartblei Canon Eos to Pentacon P6 tilt adapter. I bought this thinking I would change the flange over to Sony but it looks like it will be easier to just buy the sony version. Works fine comes with a canon rear cap. Sells for $139 shipped on ebay. This one is available for
$110 shipped and paypalled.

My paypal is docmaasATyahooDOTcom. My ebay id for reliability check is masimo1.

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