Selling a Pakon F-135 scanner. This is the non-Plus version.

I happened to find a Plus version at a great price the day after that one. I compared both machines. Using TLX, this scanner gave me the same quality as the Plus version, only a tad slower (but still way faster than my Epson v750).

I purchased this unit from AAA Imaging and is still under warranty for 2.5 months. Comes with power adapter and usb cable. Again, tested it on my Macbook via VM Ware Fusion and everything works.

Pls keep in mind that these old machines come often with a yellow tint.

Price is in USD $335. Shipping from Houston, TX is additional.
Selling thru Paypal verified address for both sides protection.

Pls check eBay user Toulcaz for my history if needed.