Selling a brand new Gitzo GT3532S that I bought about a week ago from a sale on a website.

I'm selling it only because I found a similar 4 section Gitzo used locally at a lower price and I'd rather pass on the deal I got to a fellow member rather than returning it and wasting the discount.

Here is the link to the exact product on B&H:

Gitzo Series 3 6X Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod GT3532S B&H

It's a standard length version so not really tall but I find the 51" max height perfect for me (I'm 5'9").
I would recommend it to anyone 5'9-10" or shorter.
The top of the platform (without ballhead/camera) comes right up to my chest and I find that shooting level very comfortable and this tripod is ideal for my height because I can just extend the legs all the way and not worry about fiddling with the lowest 3 leg sections to adjust it to my shooting level. Unfortunately that's what I would have to do with the 4-section one that I got.

Anyway, I will post some pics soon and will only have it up for about a week since I don't want to run out of the return window.

Brand new it costs $879.88 but I'm selling it for what I paid plus shipping cost to you ($15) which would be $755 shipped with PP gift.

Again, brand new, unused, with original box and all the tools in the baggy.

Thanks for looking.