I bought this case for my M-246 about 2 months ago and it just arrived around May 1st. Other than trying the case on the M-246, it's unused. This past week I decided to swap the Monochrom 246 for a SL, so I no longer need the case.

This is the "open back" style in Minerva Dark Brown leather. It fits the M-240, M-P 240 and M-M 246. The cut is slightly different than the early Arte di Mano cases; they've been updated to accommodate the frame selector lever on the front of camera.

Price is $325 shipped and Paypal'd in the US. Or, if you prefer black, I'll see my Black Minerva case (same style) for $285. The black case is about 2 years old; it's for my M-P 240. I like both equally well, so you choose which you want.