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Thread: FS: Industar-69 lens

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    FS: Industar-69 lens

    I have two Industar-69 lenses that I modified for infinity focus on LTM cameras. I'm keeping one and selling the other, and since these lenses have plenty of individual "character" I'm letting the buyer choose which one they want. Buyer gets to keep the super-cute original front cap and a generic LTM rear cap.

    Cosmetically they are both roughly the same: definite user with worn off paint, scratches on the barrel, and plenty evidence of tampering. That said, they don't look bad. The glass seems pretty clean on both. I did these modifications myself and I'm not an expert lens guy or even particularly careful This is an as-is transaction.

    Overall, IQ is roughly the same character on both, though Lens #2 is much better wide-open and is a little more saturated color-wise.

    Lens #1 is really soft wide-open and has a really loose focus action.

    Center of the frame wide-open, infinity:

    Lens #2 is much better IQ wide-open and has a really stiff focus action. I lubed it but the thread seems a little out-of-true.

    Center of the frame wide-open, infinity:

    $60 shipped to CONUS, paypal only.

    I paid $55 for the two chaika cameras and $25 shipping, spent $20 on tools/supplies, am throwing in a $5 rear cap. So I'm just asking you to go halfsies with me on this project and you get the cool front cap

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    Re: FS: Industar-69 lens

    bump, plus I'll mention the focus action on lens #2 is smoothing out with use... hurry before I decide to keep this one

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