For Sale: One of the most beautiful M8's you will find!

As you can see, it only has 689 actuations (Well, 690 now...)
It is in flawless functional (and nearly perfect cosmetic...) condition.
The rangefinder is spot-on, and the LCD and sensor are both perfect.
Plastic still on baseplate.

Only issue to note is a small internal "fleck" on the viewfinder window, which is not visible from the inside, and does not affect image quality in any way. It is externally flat from the outside. It must have occurred at some point after the glass window was placed.

I have the inner presentation box, manuals, certificates, and strap. It includes one battery, and charger. For those interested, I will also include a black Aki-asahi replacement skin (assuming you are the do-it-yourself type...). The current skin is without flaw, but I ordered an extra for "down the road..." (Pictured lens is not included)

I am very hesitant to let this go, but need the funds for my ongoing basement saga. This one will set you back $1450 USD net, shipped within North America.

Please PM with any questions.

Thanks for looking!

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