I will miss this one and probably buy it again someday, so tiny and light, very sharp in the center wide open with a lovely bokeh. This one was sent back and calibrated for wide open performance by Mr Miyazaki (and now is) $1175 inc. conus shipping and fees.

MS-Optical Apoqualia 35mm 1.4 F MC

APOQUALIA-G 1.4/35 Full Multi-coating

Leica M-mount lens with 6-bit support
Gauss type with 6 elements in 4 groups, f1.4 / 35.9mm
Focus coupled from infinity to 0.85m, focusable from 0.8m to approx. 0.55m on mirrorless bodies
Filter, hood: M37, P0.75, reversible
Size: 49.5mm, length 23mm, weight 90g (total 115g)
Aluminum alloy lens barrel, ultra-high refractive lanthanum glass with an ND of 1.8 or higher used for all elements.
Otto Niemann 12 bladed aperture, round throughout the aperture range, made in Germany.

The MS Apoqualia wide open on the M240

Last night at F8, I hadn't used it at infinity, much better than I anticipated.

Don't make fun of my phones white balance, probably would be better without the white background...

That's reflection on the rim of the hood...