Ok these are very limited adapters I made to put the Rodenstock Apo Duplicate or enlarging lens onto the Mamiya PC Auto Bellows System. The adapter is very thin to allow great movement and yet still achieve infinity focus. The precision is extremely high so that the lens threads are not ruin. Also the lens can be mounted in reverse mode for extremely high magnification applications. If you do not have these lens I can provide them for you as well. This is my last attempt to solve some of the problems in the photographic industry so take them while you they are here and I hope they will help your job a lot easier and more flexible.

I also made another adapter (2 available) to mount the Mamiya PC Auto bellows onto the Contax 645 camera body as well. Again, I can also provide you the Mamiya PC Auto Bellows if you do not have them yet.

Best Regards,