I'm going to get serious about building a collection of Leica R lenses (I really can't afford M-glass....or M series BMWs for that matter).

For now, I'll use the R-glass on my soon to arrive Fotografz EOS 1V (yes, that's a special edition, one of a kind camera) and a run of the mill 40D. Hopefully, if dreams come true, they will find a home on a new R10 in 2010 (I've given up on the R8/R9....I don't need the hassle of potentially scratched negs, no matter how good the rest of the camera might be).

I'm looking for the current version of this lens. Let me know if you have one to sell or happen to see one in your wanderings across the web.

Special thanks to Robmac for alot of great info on R-lenses!