For sale is a brand new Mamiya Perspective Control Auto Bellows with all the customized adapters to mount the enlarging/duplicate Apo Rodenstock lens with big image circle for tilt/shift and rise/fall and swing. The adapter will also allow the Contax 645 camera to be mounted as well.

1. Mamiya 645 PC Auto Bellows
Note: This bellows can tilt/swing, rise/fall and shift
Condition: New
Price: $600

2. Front End - Rodenstock Apo Enlarging/Duplicate lens Adapter
Note: Parts are made from original OEM so the precision is top notch. The lens can be mounted in both direction so that high magnification can achieved and optimized for the specific lens. The adapter is also optimized for maximal movement while still achieving infinity focus. No other adapter in the current market can achieve these features.
Condition: New
Price: $175

3. Rear End - The auto bellows allow the Mamiya 645 system to be mounted. The Contax 645 system can also be mounted via a customized adapter. Again, top notch precision and highest grade OEM parts only.
Condition: New
Price: $500

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