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Thread: FS four M mount lenses. 50,50,90,135.

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    FS four M mount lenses. 50,50,90,135.

    Summarit 50/1.5 original version, silver, wonderful glass, body
    is very clean, f stops a bit stiff.
    includes front and rear caps and original but ugly hood. sn 1.3m

    Canon LTM 50/1.2 Close to Mint condition and operationally
    includes caps. sn 19201

    APO Telyt-M135/3.4, black in pristine condition. Body and glass are mint.
    include caps and zippered case. sn 3.8

    Macro-Elmar-M 90/4 black, with adapter. Mint condition.
    includes caps, hood, case and boxes. sn 3.96m
    Buyer pays delivery, paypal preferred.

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    Re: FS four M mount lenses. 50,50,90,135.

    The above items are either sold or withdrawn.

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