Iím selling several Hasselblad H lenses (along with the H6D-100c listed separately). They range in age and usage, but are all operating perfectly and used until recently in my professional work. Only the HC150 is orange dot and can used with autofocus on the X1d.

I will cover insurance , shipping and Paypal costs for North American sales. I will ship to approved PayPal addresses only. International sales will be considered, but I need some additional verification and shipping is at cost. All lenses come with top-end UV filter, lens shade, original boxes and packaging, caps, and leather bag. PM me for questions or if you want additional photographs.

HCD 24mm f/4.8 , shutter count 904. This is a terrific lens, with amazingly little distortion; even that easily corrected in Phocus.

HC 50mm II, f/3.5, shutter count 9,913. This has been my most used lens in the last couple of years. Much improved from the old HC50, it is a jewel in the H lineup. Iíll miss this one.

HCD 100mm f/2.2, shutter count 5,494. This has been my go-to portrait lens.

HC 150mm f/3.2N (orange dot), shutter count 387. Like new, I havenít had it long enough to use much. Iíd thought I might use it on the X1d, but I never got around to that. Wonderful lens.

HC 210mm f/4, 4,559 shutter count.. Great telephoto lens that became essential for certain shots. This lens has been all over the world.

HCD 35-90mm zoom lens, 31,173 shutter count. What can I say? The shutter count speaks for itself. I used and depended on this lens. In 2017 the zoom malfunctioned but a trip to Hasselblad USA returned it to normal. It looks used, for sure, but a solid lens.

1.7x Teleconverter, used once or twice.

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