I have for sale a Toyo SMT Pro view camera made for digital backs. This specific camera is the DB21 Pro model made for the KPS company under their brand name Cola Volex.

This camera was specifically designed for architecture and landscape photographers who are used to the controls of a view camera, but need something much smaller and more precise than their traditional cameras.

The DB21 Pro has a built-in sliding stitching back that uses adapter plates for different digital back platforms. A Hasselblad V plate is included. The front takes Toyo Field 110mm square flat and recessed lens boards. I will include one Copal #0 board. A 24mm Digitar lens can be focused using a recessed lens board.

Coarse and Micro Focusing (15mm) on both standards
Front: Geared rise +70mm, geared shift 20mm, manual tilt 20, manual swing 20
Rear: Geared shift 20mm, manual tilt 20, manual swing 20
Bellows: extends to 180mm, can be compressed so that the frames touch, if the tripod clamp is moved to the end of the rail
Weight: 3 kilos

It would be fairly easy to modify this camera to use mirrorless cameras like the Fuji GFX.
The sliding back is held in place by screws at the bottom. The bellows is attached to a plate, which in turn is attached to the sliding back with screws. So this is what will need to be done:

1. Detach the plate with the bellows from the sliding back.
2. Detach the sliding back from the camera base.
3. Attach a plate with a Fuji mount to the rear of the bellows plate.
4. Attach a rail with a tripod screw to the base of the rear standard.
5. Mount the Fuji camera on the rail.

By changing the plate in step 3, one could potentially use any other camera in future.


Price: 108,000 JPY / ~1,000 USD, including worldwide EMS shipping. Payment is in Japanese Yen, payable via Paypal invoice.

Thanks for looking,