Included in this sale are:

–H4D body with pop-up flash

– 31 megapixel Hasselblad digital back (you can use higher resolution backs if desired)

– Battery charger

– Polarising filter for the lens

– Front lens and front body caps

– Genuine Hasselblad camera strap

– Software and Hasselblad system booklet.

See photos at:

The user manual is downloadable.

No lens is included in the offering but I have a HC 35mm lens for sale. See below for pricing

The sensor size is 33.1x44.2 mm for 4872x6496 pixels (31MP). The area of the sensor is 1.7 times that of a full frame 35mm style DSLR

The H4D has True Focus which means the camera will refocus the lens if you focus the camera & then change the vertical angle of the camera (that is, move the camera up or down while still looking at the subject). Typical use case is, if you are photographing someone, you can focus the camera on the subject’s eyes, press the True Focus button & then recompose the picture to put the head of the subject wherever you wish in the frame. Read more at¬ng-true-focus.pdf

The body actuations count is 3583 & the lens actuations count is 10852.

Pricing: H4D and digital back: USD1,800. HC 35mm lens: USD650. Price for both items: USD2,200. All prices are clear of transfer charges. Freight and insurance will be USD115. Please make an offer if you wish.

The gear is in very good condition.

Wellington, New Zealand (near Australia!)