For sale: ALPA HR Alpagon 4/50mm SB, like new.
Latest version with Copal 0 shutter, including ALPA tilt/swing-adapter (0° - 5°) 34mm and original Rodenstock center filter.

Everything is in excellent condition.
I have kept the center filter on the lens the whole time since I bought them together in 2017 directly from ALPA here in Switzerland.
Lens surfaces are perfect, no scratches, no haze, no fungus, focus smooth throughout entire range, Copal 0 shutter works perfect.
It comes with all original parts: Front and rear lens caps, rear lens protection cover, neoprene cover (not pictured) and box.
The tilt/swing-adapter works perfectly for increasing depth of field, however using a digital back with good live view is recommended (IQ3 or IQ4).
The center filter also protects the front element.
All attached photos are from the actual items.
Reason for selling: I very rarely used the lens and am reducing my kit.
I’m also selling my ALPA HR Alpagon 23mm (check out my other post), but am keeping my 32mm (as well as the HR 90mm and the HR 180mm).

Price for the whole kit is US $ 6600, shipping is free (worldwide), Paypal welcome.

I have been selling many items here on GetDPI, you can also check my Ebay history, username on Ebay is “vonalpen11” (100% positive feedbacks).

Contact Information:
Jost von Allmen

[email protected]
Jost von Allmen - Fotografie & Kurse

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