I'm parting with my backup body, it's never used (only unboxed to check for function.)

It's a H2 body bought last year after Hasselblad announced the end of production (replaced by H2F model). It has somewhere around 10 actuations, and will be delivered with all the original bells and whistles in the original box. The H2 is body only, it includes recharger, 2 batteries (one rechargeable), matte screen, front cover, rear cover, top-cover and strap. It does not include Hv90 finder!

The body is enrolled in Hasselblads warranty program with guaranteed access to parts and service for a lot of years to come (don't remember the actual number but there is a printed certificate following in the box.)

The H2 body is perfect for those who have or want to buy a Phase One/Leaf/Sinar digital back and use it with one of the best camera bodies out there. The fast flash sync is great for those working with flash in daylight. HC lenses are available in most rental houses and good used examples appear everywhere. The waist level finder is a cheap alternative if you do not want to cash out for the Hv90 finder.

The HM 16-32 film back is also unused, besides the first film I ran through to test it for function. It was bought as a backup to my P45+ digital back, but there has never been a problem with the DB so it has just been with me in the peli-case (the first film came out as a test, there has not been run any other films through it.) Comes in original box with protective cover.

Both items bought new by me and as stated are in new condition with boxes etc.

$ 2250,- for H2 body (price new for H2F is 3250,-)
$ 990,- for HM 16-32 magazine (price new for HM 16-32 is 1495,-)

I have the original reciepts from the dealer in Norway (interfoto, www.interfoto.no)