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Thread: FS: Olympus Zuiko OM 50/2 Macro

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    FS: Olympus Zuiko OM 50/2 Macro

    Here is an Olympus Zuiko OM50/2 Macro lens for sale.

    It should not be confused with the Olympus ZD 50/2 Macro. This is a manual focusing version made for the OM system. Together with an adapter it is good for use together with any 4/3, 4/3 or Canon digital camera (incl the FF models).

    The OM50/2 is a truly great lens and you can read more about it here:

    or here:

    The actual lens, the box and the original pouche:


    The lens is in very good condition:

    Aperture ring: clear and distinct click stops in both directions
    Focusing ring: turns smoothly between the extremes, in both directions
    Inside the lens: You *can* see a few dust particles if looking with reading glasses on and with the help of a MagLite frm the opposite side of the lens. It is unusually clean.
    Aperture blades: closes down as expected, no oil
    Inside elements: they look good, I see no haze or fungus or separation or anything else
    Front element: clean, no scratches or other damages
    Rear element: clean, no scratches or other damages
    Barrel: There is paint loss at a few places (f eks at the grooves at the aperture ring) See the images. I would say we are talking about very, very small damages.
    Performance: USAF charts and an MTF (IMA-test) test shows that the lens performs as expected. (Interestingly, the lens seem to outperform the Olympus ZD50/2 in terms of resolution.)

    The images of the lens are here:

    EUR 405
    Payment either by bank transfer (BIC/IBAN) or PayaPal (verified address only thank you).
    The price is firm. If not sold sold here it will go to eBay or stay with me.

    Shipping is EUR 20 (insurance included).
    Free shipping for BIC/IBAN payer

    Warranty, return policy
    This is a private sell and there is no warranty. But wth, it is not like the lens will fall apart anytime soon.
    If you feel that I have described the lens incorrectly and feel cheated you can return the lens and get your money back (minus shipping). That is for buyer living and posting from within the EU.
    Any non-EU buyer is out of luck here. I can't afford to pay taxes just to get the lens back.

    Taxes and customs fees
    Taxes and custom fees, if applicable, is the buyer's responisbility.
    Sweden is a small gloomy and dark country in the north of Europe, but a part of the EU. So, for a buyer living in another EU country there are no customs or taxes to pay. For any other country I have no idea.

    I have sold several cameras and lenses to members here, at the FM forums, at Pentaxforums, at forthirdsforum and at the eBay. This far everything has been fine, smooth deals ending with positive feedback. Would you like personal references just ask me about it.

    I'm sure I have missed or forgotten something. Let's talk, either by posting in this thread or using PMs. (no mails)

    The lens has is up for sale also at another forum.


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    Re: FS: Olympus Zuiko OM 50/2 Macro

    This is one of the best 50mm lenses EVER made. I had one and loved it to bits. The owner of this lens will not be disappointed. I'd buy it again if I ever went back to the OM system. Also tempted to get it, along with an adapter, to use on my Canon and other sytems.

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    Re: FS: Olympus Zuiko OM 50/2 Macro

    The lens is still available. I give it one more try here before handing it over to eBay.

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