Looking to trade my M6 for a Zeiss Ikon, perhaps with a bit of cash from my side.

Late "classic", serial number 2425017 - which puts it in the "10/22/1997-batch" (according to: http://www.cameraquest.com/mtype.htm). It has the 0.72x frame lines.

Cosmetically it is in decent shape, there is a small dent to the bottom plate. Other than that it is in good shape. I bought this camera as a substitute while my MP was undergoind "surgery", and it has worked fine. I have put about 35-40 rolls through it over the last months, and everything came out fine.

With one of my lenses (Voigtländer Ultron 35mm f/1.7) there is a slight misalignment of the rangefinder. We are talking tiny here, and it hasn't shown up with the other two lenses I've used on the camera (Leica 50mm Summilux-M ASPH and 90mm APO Summicron-M ASPH). This might be the camera, or it may be the lens - I have no idea. There has been no problems with focusing, everything has come out sharp. Anyway, some might be scared away by this - I'll leave this to the potential trader to decide.

The shutter times seems to be ok, I have shot as slow as 1/4s using Velvia, and it came out good and correctly exposed. The 1s shutter time might be on the fast side, but I have no way of timing it.

I had planned to send this off for a CLA, just to have things checked up on - but I have a vacation coming up, and would really like a camera with AE to bring with me (as a partner to the MP).

The camera comes with a Leica strap and the manual. No body cap or box. To give a figure, I would value the camera at $900 as-is.

Feel free to ask any questions. I'm in Norway, but will ship to pretty much everywhere. Contact me for images.

Feedback from RFF and eBay, all good. Contact me for references.