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Thread: Selling Virtually New Olympus E-620 Kit Plus

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    Selling Virtually New Olympus E-620 Kit Plus

    Well I took 20 shots with it.

    I had to choose between the E-620 and the Panny G1 for street shooting only and decided the G1 is better for that purpose.

    I'm also selling the brand new 70-300mm lens because I need VR on my telephotos. It is truly new...never used.

    All original materials including warranty and copies of my receipts.

    I haven't decided on prices yet and will try to sell it locally (San Francisco North Bay).

    But if you're interested please contact me at [email protected].

    My eBay user name will also be made available so you can check my reliability (100% with over 130 transactions).

    U.S. shipping only with the buyer paying shipping, insurance and splitting the Paypal fee with me.


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    Prices Established

    The kit includes the E-620, 40-150mm, and 14-42mm lens.
    It is selling for $800. That is the price including a $100 rebate.

    I will sell mine for $700.

    The 70-300mm is selling for $360 and I will sell mine for $280.

    I will sell the full package for $940.

    I will also break up the kit, tho I'd prefer not to, starting with the camera for
    $550 (presently retailing at $600 after a $100 rebate).

    Again all in either new or barely used condition.


    Mark [email protected]

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    Wink Price Slightly Negotiable

    I do have some flex on this.


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    Plan to Withdraw Kit for Auction Sale

    I plan to pull this from sale here if it doesn't sell by 5/25 so that I can advertise it elsewhere.



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