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Thread: FS: "Hotrodded" 5D (AA filter removed), Canon 40D

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    Jonathan H

    FS: "Hotrodded" 5D (AA filter removed), Canon 40D


    Hi again everyone... I think the time has come to realize that I don't have the energy to make photography a full time business anymore. I'm gonna be selling off quite a bit of gear in the coming weeks, starting with all my extra bodies. Eventually I'll be down to a single body and a couple core lenses, but the ridiculous equipment hoarding days really need to come to an end.

    Sale terms: I reserve the right to sell to anyone of my choosing. Just because you post first doesn't mean much of anything. Prices are firm for now. I will cover shipping via UPS ground, you're free to pay in any fashion of your choosing, but transaction fees are your responsibility. If you want insurance, you'll have to cover that as well.

    None of my cameras/lenses were ever bought new. I am the 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th) owner of everything and have never once had a problem buying from the fine folks here, at FM, at POTN, or on occasion, the sometimes-fine folks on my local Craigslist boards. Anyway, without further ado, first up, my pride, joy, and workhorse: A "hot-rodded" 5D

    Hotrod 5D - $1250 Shipped and PP'ed
    The camera itself has seen some use and exhibits some wear and tear i.e. rub marks on the corners from being put in and out of the camera bag. It also has chip in the plastic right next to the battery door (see picture).

    It has perfect function, has never locked up or had a single Err99 code (or any other errors for that matter), and I have no reason to think it is anything other than in tip-top performance.

    If this were a regular 5D I would price it at $1050 or so given the chip in the plastic and the conversion cost $400 at so I'm thinking a price of $1250 is about right. I will handle all shipping fees to CONUS, any transaction fees are your responsibility. I highly recommend money orders for that reason, but I'll accept pretty much any payment method.

    The hotrod process removes the AA filter from the camera, resulting in incredible pixel-level detail, very similar to medium-format digital files. Universally loved by landscape and architecture shooters, but just as good for anyone else. The major caveat is that it is more susceptible to moire - so if you're shooting clothing catalogs with extensive fabric covering the image frame, I wouldn't recommend it. FWIW, I've shot several weddings with it and never really experienced any real moire problems.

    The best place to see the hot-rod effect would actually be a comparison test between the hot rod and a regular 5D. Luckily, MaxMax has a test already posted on their website - . Their results mirror my own experiences, although I've never shot a test myself. I'm not big on shooting printed pieces of paper in the studio when I could be outside in the sun actually shooting something real.

    Pics: (ipod not included )

    Next up: Canon 40d - $690 shipped
    This one I've had for just under a year. I'll hazard a guess and call it about 8K-12K clicks. It had a Peleng 8mm fish-eye basically permanently mounted (the fish doesn't work on a full-frame). Not abused at all, just some minor surface scuffs, no damage to the LCD's, etc. Probably 9/10 shape... very pretty to look at. A very nice shape body with the full Jonathan H seal-of-approval. Includes an original canon battery, after-market charger, a never-used blue canon neck strap (looks old-school, possibly vintage), and the AV cables. Nothing else.


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    Jonathan H

    Re: FS: "Hotrodded" 5D (AA filter removed), Canon 40D

    Price drops!

    5D is now $1175

    40D is now $665

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