I have a new condition Mamiya 150mm F2.8 (the manual version, not the new "D" version) that I would like to trade for a Mamiya 150mm F3.5 AF. The lens looks like new, comes in its box with all the papers. It's a very sharp and performs very well wide open. The 150mm works on 645M's, 645AF's, 645AFD's and the Phase One P645. Metering is stop down style and focus is manual of course (focus confirmation works with manual lenses).

I'd like to trade for the 150mm AF because the AF is smaller, lighter and easier to carry in the camera bag. I'm trying to keep the Mamiya kit as small and light as possible.

Your Mamiya 150mm F3.5 AF must be in new condition and come in its box, etc. I prefer to keep the transaction within the US. If somebody would like to buy the 150mm F2.8 outright, price is $325 shipped and paypal'd in the US.